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casanova Kwangsoo

apparently sunglasses turn you into a captain of a boat

unless you’re taehyung.

me avoiding people in public
me avoiding people in public

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Hyunsik’s date with mannequin ( “ˆ́ˆ̀)

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When asked if she wants to be on a musical again


I am loving the way they break up. :D

so many expressions in one promotional video.

Kim Myungsoo, INFINITE’s visual squid

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Sometimes I’m Kyuhyun


And sometimes I’m Henry


Darts Master Sica


Because she’s Bom lol

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jackson + iconic moments

An amused Hakyeon at the sight of a student brushing her teeth in front of him:

"She is the kind who is not really that interested but followed because her friends came to look"

#vixx #n

that one reason i stan them 

                                      being sexy 

jimin talking shit ‘bout jungkook

jimin talking shit ‘bout jungkook